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Facing life’s challenges with ‘kindness, determination’

People who think life is not a struggle or that it is a bed of roses are in for a perspective-shattering experience when they face difficulties, and are likely to succumb to frustration or depression.

In the book “A Man’s Search for Meaning” by Viktor Frankl, a former concentration camp survivor describes the horrors and oppression faced by millions of Jews. He says their time at the concentration camp was the worst situation any human could face.

Without doubt, he has gone through the worst anyone could imagine. According to Frankl, humans cannot live a life without any suffering, but the only thing over which humans have control over is the way they choose to react.

This fundamental principle puts the power right back into your hands and not in the hands of fate.

Imagine you meet with a terrible accident and fracture your leg. You are now unable to leave the house. Instead of complaining about it, take it as an opportunity to reconnect with yourself, or to read more books, or to mingle with your family.

This approach, while simplistic, has helped countless victims of tragedy cope with their post-traumatic stress disorder.

Here are two other traits humans can cultivate to grow and overcome challenges.


Given that all human beings face struggles, people should be empathetic with one another. Making an effort to be kind will go a long way.

In this era of digital and social divide, humans often fail to empathise with fellow humans, choosing instead to create an atmosphere of hate. Being empathetic not only makes you appear friendly but also makes the recipient feel that somebody cares for them.

Humans are social and emotional creatures; the need for care and social acceptance is just as important as the desire for success in life.


Determination is the quality of an individual to act with a specific purpose in mind. It is through determination and perseverance that humans evolve.

Babies, for instance, will make numerous failed attempts before they learn to walk. The more they try, the better they become.

Failures are just as important as success because it is through failure that a person realises how much they have to improve to achieve their goals. Friedrich Nietzsche once said: “He who has a why to live can bear almost any how.”

In other words, with strong motivation, an individual can withstand the difficulties of life – a philosophy that should light a fire under any person to overcome his or her struggles.


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