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TikTok users prefer platform over watching TV series

Written By : Siti Khadijah

PARIS: Your time is valuable. TikTok wanted to find out more about the behaviour of its users and the time they spent on its app by conducting a study in partnership with Kantar, conducted among more than 7,000 users in March in the US, Canada, the UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Indonesia.

The positive side

According to the results obtained, TikTok users enjoy their time spent on the social network: “They come to TikTok for the community, stay for the creativity, and leave feeling happy and inspired. People love the positive experience that our platform provides, so they scroll longer and dive deeper. They’re more attentive and engaged,” said the Chinese giant.

The social network has indeed taken advantage of the pandemic to become the most popular platform of the moment. So much so that the application was the most downloaded in 2020.

A choice in applications

The study also found that users spent more time on TikTok than on podcasts, TV shows, reading, getting information or checking other social networks and dating apps.

Among those studied, 35% say they spend less time watching TV or videos since they started using TikTok and 45% say the same thing about dating apps.

The Chinese platform also has the ability to captivate its users with 46% of them saying they use the application without any other distraction.

Furthermore, the multitude of videos motivates many users to take action. The study reveals 60% learn a new recipe or DIY project, and 59% want to learn about current events and trends.

According to the Kantar study, 67% of users who consult TikTok with family or friends send videos to one another, 66% participate in a hashtag challenge, and 65% participate in a trend.

What’s more 61% send a message to their friends, 57% learn new dances, 56% film TikToks and 55% create original content.

Gen Z and TikTok

These types of behaviours are beneficial for brands, TikTok points out: “Users find a constant stream of joyful entertainment, liberating creativity, and endless inspiration that’s tailored just for them.

“It’s a positive experience that primes people to join in the fun and take action- and for brands, TikTok’s proactive population can have a huge effect.”

Generation Z is the most engaged on TikTok, says the social network: “And in some markets, like the US, Canada, and Europe – Gen Z is driving the most off-app purchase on TikTok.”

Some 25% of users say they have researched or purchased a product after having seen an ad on TikTok.

Forty-one percent of this generation’s users claim to listen to fewer podcasts since signing up on the platform, 33% admit to watching less TV and 50% follow a creator after watching TikToks.


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