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Heron01: 3D-printed, infinitely recyclable sneakers

News Source : ETX Daily Up

PARIS: Designer clothing brand Heron Preston has unveiled the first pairs of fully 3D-printed sneakers available to the public, opening up new perspectives on how to make shoes that are more local, ethical and eco-responsible.

Named “Heron01”, hinting at more versions to come, the sneaker was manufactured without setting foot in a factory and with no supply chain, reducing its production time, energy consumption and emissions.

Created from a single material, the shoe has no seams, contains no glue or other toxic materials, and is fully recyclable. The owners of these new-generation sneakers have the option of returning their used sneakers to see them transformed into new pairs, in potentially updated styles reflecting the trends of the moment.

And while it may sound futuristic, this concept is well and truly anchored in reality.

“The Heron01 is just the beginning. With additive manufacturing, the potential is unlimited. I was able to design and print functional and evolving prototypes in hours. With traditional manufacturing, this would have taken months.

“I can’t wait to print more shoes and updates,” the company said in a statement.

The workwear-inspired sneakers can be printed in standard sizes, but can also be custom-fit based on a foot scan carried out with nothing more than an iPhone. Made-to-measure footwear could, therefore, become accessible to anyone and everyone.

The Heron01 was made available as of yesterday on the Stockx platform.



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