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How pet names reveal a menu of culinary preferences

PARIS: It’s often said that dogs are a reflection of their owner’s personality. Whether it’s true or not, a pet’s name can sometimes offer clues as to their owner’s tastes for food and drink.

According to the international platform Rover.com, food and drink are a vast source of inspiration when it comes to naming four-legged companions.

The pandemic led some people to name their furry friends “Covi” or “Rona”, before preferring “Pfizer” the following year at the time of the vaccine rollout.

But the language of dishes, recipes, ingredients or drinks has long been a source of inspiration for naming pets, while also reflecting their owners’ personal tastes.

Since the culinary field is constantly abuzz with new trends, dog and cat owners are naming their furkids according to the food fashions that come and go.

“Ginger” or “Peanut” have long been common pet names. According to Rover.com, which compiled millions of dog and cat names chosen by American owners, people were already using these words to name their pets in 2014 and 2015.

In 2018, owners preferred to take inspiration from the components of a brunch, with names like “Biscuit” or “Muffin”.

And this trend has continued, giving rise to new names such as “Croissant” for a dog or “Latte” for a cat.

In fact, hot drinks have become a hot tip for naming cats. For example, the name “Cappuccino” has increased in usage by 82% in one year, and “Matcha” is up 46%.

In the dog camp, some owners are even declaring their love for the Starbucks coffee chain by borrowing the brand’s name (22%).

Indeed, as further proof that new consumption patterns influence the choice of pet names, the word “Seltzer” – a fizzy drink made with water and a little alcohol – has just entered the list of foodie dogs’ names.

Owners are also turning to cocktail hour for cues, with cat names like “Gimlet” (182%), in reference to the short drink made with gin and lime juice, as well as “Chardonnay” (82%) or “Scotch” (32%). For dogs, owners seem keener on “Vodka” and “Gin”.

While the pandemic may well be behind us, the pet-sitting specialist notes that the Covid-related comfort food craze is still giving pet owners food for thought when it comes to naming their buddies.

In 2022, top-trending food-inspired names include “Pastrami” (485%) and “Calzone” (432%) for dogs, and “Roll” (182%) for cats.

The two dog names that have increased the most in usage are “Hotpot” (by some 1,085%) and “Sashimi” (785%). But some owners seem to have more refined tastes, looking to sought-after mushrooms such as “Morel” or “Chanterelle” when naming their dogs.


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