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Meet Simbha, who always makes her humans smile

When Bawani Muthusamy and her husband Jaypal were introduced to some puppies at their condominium building in 2020, they had their hearts set on a little brown one without a tail.

At the time, the pups were being fostered by another resident. Alas, the couple’s excitement was short-lived as the one they’d had their eye on had already been adopted.

Still, among the litter was another baby with a similar brown coat, playing tirelessly with its siblings. When Jaypal picked the puppy up, it licked his palm and curled itself up in his hands.

“It was that moment that I knew she was meant for us,” Bawani told theindepedent.my.

Two years later, baby Simbha has grown into a gentle giant and is always seen trailing behind her humans, whether it’s going for a walk or eagerly awaiting a treat.

Simbha, Bawani says, has a well-refined Malaysian palate and enjoys her share of masala tea or 100 Plus – but only if she complies with instructions such as “sit” or “shake hands”.

“We treat her with murukku and achu murukku during the festive season,” Bawani added, explaining that she makes sure their doggo remains healthy by giving her only the best foods that are low on salt.

Simbha is also toilet trained – a necessary lesson the couple taught her at a young age, given the limited space within their home.

Asked how the pooch has changed their lives, Bawani said Simbha has brought her and Jaypal tremendous joy.

“Since we don’t have any children, Simbha is like a child to us. She cheers us up when we’re feeling down, such as by showing us that pitiful face when she wants to play.

“She helps us get through the really bad days, and we love her for that.”


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