ISKANDAR PUTERI (28 November): The Johor State Government, through the presentation of the 2021 Budget by the Menteri Besar, Datuk Ir. Hasni Mohammad on Thursday, explained his vision to make sports a new economic industry in Johor.  The budget saw an allocation of RM1 million allocated to develop the 2030 Johor Sports Masterplan. The master plan will give new direction to the Johor sports industry not only for the lifestyle and development of athletes but also make sports a new economic source for the state of Johor.

In this regard, Sports Johor Sdn. Bhd and the Johor State Sports Council (MSNJ) are in the final stages of concluding a deal to collaborate with Loughborough University, United Kingdom which is the best university in the world in sports science. It will not only help improve the Johor contingent’s preparations for the 2022 SUKMA XX Johor, but it also has the potential to help Johor produce world-class athletes, develop the sports industry and drive the development of the sports tourism sector.

*In the meantime, a total of RM1 million is also allocated for the Johor State Sports Association Professionalization Program including the distribution of MSNJ grants to state sports associations according to the grade to be evaluated by MSNJ.*

*Several state sports associations also welcomed the state government’s initiative through MSNJ to grade sports associations which is meant to help the associations be more competitive and have a systematic governance as well as boost Johor state sports program in an effort to produce more quality young athletes in the future.*

President of the Johor State Athletics Association, Sallehudin Haji Satar said: “The announcement is welcomed by us because it is a starting point to overcome the uncertain situation as well as provide an opportunity for the younger generation in Johor to continue to further develop this sport.

“We appreciate the efforts of the state government to constantly monitor the condition of sports associations so that we will be successful in various competitions, especially at the upcoming Malaysian Games.”

Also in agreement with Sallehudin is the President of the Johor State Cycling Association, Datuk Amran A. Rahman.

“We really appreciate what has been announced by the state government, it is an inclusive budget and we request that assistance remain constant for high-performing sports.

“Besides that, the maintenance of sports infrastructure must also be taken into account and the association will revise the action plan to partake in any competitions, especially the Malaysian Games scheduled for 2022 in Johor”, he explained when contacted.

President of the Johor State Karate Association, Chok Kong Yu suggested that the allocation through the Budget could help the association redraft the delayed planning.

“At first we did feel affected by the situation but through this allocation, we were able to reorganize training programs and re-coordinate the annual planning.

“Our main focus is definitely preparing for the Malaysian Games which will be held in 2022 and I have high hopes that we will be fully prepared by then,” explained Chok.

Besides that, the state government also provides a platform for the people to play sports through the organization of the Johor Xtif Makmur Sports Carnival. The carnival will include three types of sports, namely sepak takraw, badminton and netball. The activities will be organised in 56 DUNs throughout the state of Johor.

Apart from that, events such as XTIF Johor Fun Ride, Fun Run and Esports will also be held under JOYDEC, where the state government will allocate RM 1.98 million to help the people of Johor remain active in sports.

The Gimnasium Rakyat will also be built in accordance to international standards and in line with the order of the Crown Prince of Johor to build a gymnasium to encourage the people of Johor to practice an active and healthy lifestyle, apart from the establishment of the Tunku Mahkota Ismail Youth Center to empower young people in the state of Johor.


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