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US designer fashions clothing from recycled airbags

Written By : Ranjini

PARIS: American designer Heron Preston has teamed up with Mercedes to create a unique collection that recycles the German carmaker’s airbags.

As part of this collaboration, Heron Preston has reimagined the airbag, turning it into avant-garde looks for men and women.

The clothes in this collection also have the intriguing particularity of being able to inflate and deflate.

The collection is accompanied by a promotional campaign featuring the designs being modelled around some of the carmaker’s current vehicles, such as the new S-Class or the fully electric EQS.

The campaign will be landing on social networks in the coming days.

Note that Mercedes has been integrating airbags into its vehicles for 40 years, ever since the feature first debuted on the S-Class in 1981.


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