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Robot is keeping law-breaking Singaporeans in check

News Source : ETX Daily Up

SINGAPORE: In Singapore, a robot crisscrosses city streets, watching for the slightest infraction. A badly parked bicycle, an electric scooter running on the sidewalk, a large gathering or a person smoking in an unauthorised area are all things that it’s tracking.

Currently being tested in a trial taking place over a few weeks, if all goes to plan it will eventually take up its place in assisting public officers tasked with looking out for the safety and health of the city’s inhabitants.

For the moment, it’s being tested in the Toa Payoh district in central Singapore. The experiment started on Sunday, Sept 5 and should last three weeks.

Named Xavier, this small and fully autonomous robot works its way through crowds all day long, on the lookout for behaviours that go against civic harmony.

It is able to detect badly parked bicycles; motorcycles, scooters or any other motorized device moving on a sidewalk; gatherings of more than five people (in accordance with the Covid-19 pandemic management measures in force); or individuals smoking in prohibited areas.

When Xavier detects one of these situations, it triggers real-time alerts to a central command centre and displays an appropriate warning message, depending on the scenario, in order to raise awareness and deter future infractions.

In so doing, it assists the personnel already deployed on site, in order to improve the efficiency of their patrolling operations.

To carry out its mission, Xavier is equipped with different types of sensors that allow it to navigate autonomously while avoiding obstacles, starting with pedestrians.

It is also equipped with cameras that provide a continuous 360-degree video stream to its command and control centre, even in the dark. The data is then analysed in real time by a system with artificial intelligence capabilities.

The Home Team Science and Technology Agency (HTX), which is behind this initiative, reports directly to the Home Office.

Its mission is to ensure a safe and welcoming environment in the city, in various ways including through robots.


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