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Spa days and pool parties: meet Roxy, the aquatic husky

Written By : Andrew Samuel

“Roxy!” Woon calls out as he sees his six-month-old puppy paw-deep in a mountain of dirt and leaves.

Without a care in the world, the Siberian husky continues digging for buried treasure, turning her pink nose coffee-brown.

Woon sighs, observing that her soft coat is once again soiled within mere hours of having bathed her. But he lets a smile slip as her soil-coated snout comes rushing towards him, knowing that – unlike other dogs – she looks forward to showertime.

In the past six months, Woon has learnt the joys and tribulations of parenthood, having welcomed the husky baby into his life on June 1.

Roxy has not only been the best cuddle buddy, she has been the perfect cure for Woon’s lockdown blues.

And even though Woon has spent the last few months chasing the pup through mud and cleaning up after her, he wouldn’t want it any other way.

“She loves digging soil and biting leaves and branches,” Woon tells FMT. “But what she really loves playing with is water.”

Woon found out about Roxy’s aquatic infatuation when he caught her by a mysteriously overflowing basin. Somehow she had learnt to turn the tap on!

“Who knows how long the water had been running for? She knows how to turn it on to drink but has no idea how to turn it back off,” Woon laughs, adding that Roxy would prop herself up on two legs and slurp away from the nozzle.

Apart from this, the cheeky canine enjoys splashing around in her own private pool.

Getting Roxy into a shower is a stress-free endeavour as the husky rushes into the stream, eager to be pampered with soapy back rubs.

When Woon recently posted photos of his soap-covered pup, he was flooded with confused comments asking why she had turned green. It turns out he had brought her for a Japanese herbal spa treatment!

“I usually shower her twice a week but on this occasion decided to pamper her a little,” he says, adding that it ended up costing him a whopping RM350.

Nevertheless, he plans on making it a monthly event.

Apart from watersports and spa days, Roxy loves a good old game of fetch and spending time with her human. She craves attention and hates being left alone.

“She loves playing with her tennis ball and soft toys,” Woon says, adding, however, that his shoes also fall victim to her gnawing jaws.

Despite her mischievous streak, Roxy stands to attention like a soldier and suddenly becomes obedient when she is offered her favourite treat.

“She loves salmon kibble and will listen to commands like ‘sit’, ‘stay’ and ‘come’ just so she can have them,” Woon laughs.


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