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Christopher: Let’s rally behind Ustaz Ebit Liew

Chairman of Media and Public Relations Football Association of Malaysia (FAM), Christopher Raj, has urged all Malaysian’s to rally behind Ustaz Ebit Lew’s efforts in ensuring that 43,000 needy students are not left out due to the implementation of virtual classes (PdPR).

He was called to action after hearing about the famous preacher and humanitarian activist, Ustaz Ebit Liew’s efforts in providing 43,000 tablets for needy students on Facebook.“I was sad to read about Ustaz Ebit Lew’s posting on Facebook. Around 43,000 messages were sent to him requesting help in providing tablets for their children learning from home.

“One tablet costs around RM600-RM800. The total cost for all the tablets is expected to reach RM30 million,” tweeted Christopher.

He added, “If 15 million Malaysians can contribute a minimum of RM2 to Ustaz Ebit, I’m sure that we can easily reach the intended goal of providing a tablet each for needy students.

Christopher who is also the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of ShekhinahPR Sdn. Bhd had also contributed 30 tablets to needy students at the PPR areas around Lembah Pantai and Sentul.

In addition, Christopher had also contributed RM5,000 to Ustaz Ebit Lew to assist the activist in buying as many tablets as possible and urged other Malaysians to lend a helping hand.


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